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Who does not want to emphasize their individuality, and look different from everyone else? Someone is looking for self-expression in bright outfits, someone in makeup, piercings, and someone who prefers tattoos.

Choosing a tattoo is quite a responsible and complex process. More and more often there are tattoo quotes of different configurations, in different languages, and with a certain deep, maybe even philosophical meaning. Tattoos quotes, unlike drawings, have their unique personality, because they mainly consist of your thoughts, experiences, and mood, which can not be picked up in a catalog.

In today's post let's try to understand the variety of tattoos in the form of quotes, look at photo examples, which tattoos are applied by guys and girls, as well as what phrases and in what languages quotes are most often applied.

There are many types of tattoos: they can be made in the form of a drawing, abstraction, portrait. But the most popular are tattoo quotes, especially in English. This kind of body art has a certain mystery. Like the tattoo quotes, you can choose your life credo, you can score short and wise words of love, gratitude to parents, family. It is not uncommon for tattoos to symbolize the past or an important moment in life.

Often the quotes are made in addition to the drawing. Or vice versa they complement the figure with a quote.

Tattoo quotes ideas

Rules for selecting a place for tattoo quotes

The tattoo is another way to emphasize your individuality and attractiveness. That is why this type of art remains popular for many years. By the way, sometimes the tattoo is a great solution, thanks to which you can disguise the scar from the operation. If this is your case, be sure to consult with your doctor before the procedure.

It should not be overlooked that it is very important to choose the right area for the tattoo as an inscription. That is why we will consider the peculiarities of applying to each of them in more detail.

Shoulder and Forearm

Perhaps the most popular place for a tattoo in the form of an inscription can be called exactly the shoulders and arms. For example, on the shoulder quite often do large inscriptions or with a large number of words. In fact, in this area can be placed tattoo of any font and size.

On the wrist

As for the wrist, minimalist options are placed on it. This allows it to be hidden if necessary under a watch or wide bracelets.

On the ankle, foot, and ankle

Very attractive looks tattoo inscription on the ankle, foot, and ankle. Most often girls choose this zone for small phrases or complement them with a small drawing. It is a great way to decorate an elegant female leg. But still, it is worth noting that for many the procedure can be very painful. This is because the skin in this zone is quite thin and close to the bone.

On the hip

One of the most popular areas for tattooing inscriptions in girls is the thigh. Its size allows you to apply quite a large text, so some even choose the whole poem. Also, if you place the inscription correctly, you can emphasize the beautiful curve line of the hip.

On the back and scapula

Tattoos on the shoulder blade and back always look very attractive, regardless of their size. Often, the process of applying tattoos in these areas is not too painful, which is a strong argument for many girls.

Tattoo quotes: how to choose a language? 

For several years already the leader among the foreign languages are inscriptions in Latin. Even though this language is not used in everyday speech and is considered dead, many still choose it. Perhaps because it helps to hide the meaning of tattoos from strangers.

In any case, you should choose only the one that embodies you, motivates, reminds you of important events or life goals. Some choose phrases about love, self-development, or the transience of life. You should be sure that several years later, that this phrase will remain relevant.

How to choose fonts?

Many people still think that the most important thing is to choose the right phrase or word for you. Of course, this is of great importance, since the tattoo is applied to the body for life. But, for it to look really attractive, it is necessary to choose the right font and decide on the size and style. Take into account that much depends on the language in which you have chosen the inscription, as well as the area of placement.

Tattoo quotes photo 

Many girls want to get a tattoo. Some doubt the necessity of this desire, while others can not pick the perfect phrase or font for themselves. That's why we have selected beautiful options, among which you will surely find something suitable.

The selection of tattoos in the form of inscriptions is amazingly diverse. Also, unlike realistic drawings, you can always find a unique version that suits you. It can be just one word, a phrase, or even a quatrain of your performance.

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