Tattoo Quotes for men

Rather trivial, however, a popular type of tattoo depicting quotes in various styles is becoming better known every day. Around the world, a huge number of owners of numerous tattoos have at least one phrase. Men perform them both in 3-D and in different fonts, depicting important dates or mottos of life.

Tattoo quotes for men these days are considered very fashionable. This is explained by the fact that a properly chosen phrase can adorn any part of the body and, if necessary, it is easy to hide from prying eyes. Best tattoo quotes for men always have a deep individual meaning. Moreover, an inscription with text is a great chance to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your intellectual abilities.

History of the style tattoo quotes

The origins of this style of tattoo lie in Europe in the 18th century. At that time, the art of permanent drawings on the body rose to the peak of popularity, thanks to the sailors, and afterward the military, travelers, etc. At that time, not only the usual images of anchors, half-naked mermaids, and ships were performed but also quotes. Most often they were dedicated to important events, certain people, or simply inspirational words. Men's tattoo quotes were an important part of the art of tattooing, however, did not get the proper attention at that time.

The lack of proper sanitary conditions and the apparent inappropriateness of the materials led to a series of blood infections and other mishaps. A simple needle not treated with a decontaminating agent and ground gunpowder that was injected under the skin created a difficult situation. European authorities were forced to ban body art for almost 100 years. But after this break began to create prototypes of modern tattoo parlors, which emphasized hygiene and safety of materials. A major role in this was played by the King of England, who made a tattoo of a dragon on a business trip to Japan. Subordinates immediately picked up the trend and developed with their wishes already existing styles of images.

The technique of tattoo quotes

Men's tattoo quotes usually contain aphorisms or memorable information for a particular person. The tattoo quotes themselves can be performed in different techniques and fonts, in different languages, and in different colors. The color scheme varies most often in dark palettes, combining black with burgundy, navy blue, or purple. Often the lettering is in addition to the images, becoming part of the trash polka or old school. However, their solitary use, especially among men, is flourishing in the former Soviet Union.

When choosing a tattoo is also important as the place of application. The male contingent is suitable for large imposing tattoos on the chest or back, in the shoulder blades, as well as on the arm section between the hand and elbow joint. There are many tattoo motifs on the neck, on the side of the torso, or on the calf of the leg.

Motifs of the images

Among the tattoo quotes are often phrases in Latin. The dead language gives aristocratic and mysteriousness to the owner. Many of the aphorisms are taken from the history of great figures and thinkers.

The strictness and conservatism of German are often preferred by serious and persistent people, adding a semantic "weighting" to the quotes. German is used less frequently but is very successful in sailmaker circles.

English is the most common language in the world. Even in the CIS countries, you can often see quotes at airports or restaurants in English. The tattoo industry has not passed it by either, creating many winged expressions that are popular with us.

Also, very often French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian are used to express various thoughts and wisdom.

To summarize:

  • you need to check the accuracy of the translation if it's in a foreign language;
  • Decide what font is appropriate for the tattoo;
  • Choose a place for the tattoo;
  • To find a good master.

Finally, as an example of a famous fact: American actress Angelina Jolie already got rid of a tattoo with the name of her former lover Billy Bob Thornton. But Angelina did not learn anything from this lesson, and she again dedicated the tattoo, already a new spouse, Brad Pitt. After her recent divorce, Jolie plans to get rid of this tattoo as well. Nothing lasts forever, let's not forget that.

Best tattoo quotes for men


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