Forearm tattoo quotes

Tattoo quotes on the arm are very popular among young people, both guys, and girls. It can be a large inscription on half a hand or a single word adorning the elegant wrist. Such tattoos usually have a special meaning, often known only to its owner.

In most cases, they are done in English, less often in French or Latin. Very often there are sentences made in the form of hieroglyphs. Such tattoos on the arms look unusual and beautiful and are especially popular among girls.

Tattoo quotes on the arm: where did it come from?

Tattooing is considered a visual art, and many fans and admirers of it express their "self" with the help of symbols and drawings for many centuries: some abstractly, some directly. But some prefer to do it in words, writing phrases on themselves forever. And it is about these people that we are going to talk about today!

The history of body inscriptions is not so long: while the first tattooed people could boast of their drawings on the body, symbolizing their origins, victories or simply bringing good luck, many of them could not even read.

Tattoo inscriptions, the meaning of which has truly become available only in the modern world, as a rule, are chosen from favorite songs or poems, phrases of some scientific or cultural figures, winged expressions, or sacred texts. Many tattoo lovers choose for themselves phrases in Latin, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic, Hebrew, or Chinese (it should be noted that the latter are more like a drawing or ornament than an inscription).

When choosing a tattoo it is necessary to pay attention not only to the design but also to the font and size of the inscription. The optimum ratio of these factors will help to better perceive the inscription. Before getting a tattoo, ask your master to show you the chosen quote in different versions of the inscription. A clear font is an important element of a successful tattoo.

Very often you can see cute and at the same time, original tattoo inscriptions on the hand in this case can be combined with some kind of image. There are many more options that will like and suit you personally. Choose wisely, because the tattoo is forever. For your inspiration, we saved a collection of 50 photos of original tattoos on the forearm - look and be inspired!


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