shoulder tattoo quotes

Tattoo quotes on the shoulder are one of the most visible types of body art images, which is visible all year round. The owner of such a tattoo will catch the eye, so what is placed in plain sight must carry meaning, a message, an instruction. Demonstrating their originality, intellectual sophistication, and wealth of the spiritual world - these are the main purposes for which people place various images on prominent areas of their bodies.

It is said that drawing a picture attracts certain energy flows, which change the worldview, life events, and the general program of destiny. To believe in it or not - it is everyone's business, but to choose the tattoo quotes on the shoulder needs to be approached thoroughly.

 You can start with a small winged phrase, and then frame it in a whole work of pictorial art or leave it concise and neat forever. The quote tattoos are placed in different places on the shoulder area, depending on this calculates the surface area of the application and the size of the phrase.

Tattoo quotes on the shoulder blade

If the text is applied from the shoulder to the elbow, its size can be almost unlimited in length - a sports rhyme, a beautiful poem, or a text from your favorite song. Those around you will be interested in reading it in its entirety - keep that in mind when you catch a long stare. 

A great solution would be to give a quote in a foreign language - Chinese, English, Italian or French, for example. In this case, competent translation is important, so that the "polyglots" in your circle of communication will not laugh at you for the incompleteness of the phrase or the use of inappropriate (incorrectly translated) vocabulary. 

Therefore, before making a tattoo on the shoulder in the form of an inscription - you need to consult with a professional linguist or translator, who will be able to correctly arrange the words in a sentence, to use the desired synonyms, if such words are not in the language, in general, to work off the text.


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